I got picked up to be in the ADWEEK Talent 100!!!!  It's very interesting when emails start pouring in after an article gets published.  I didn't expect it to be a full page write up.  I'm glad I posted a decent photo recently.  So excited!   Here's a clip below and here's the jump LINK.

I've put my Instagrams on a Tumblr blog.

I love Instagram!  I've decided to keep them separate from this blog so, instead I set up a Tumblr blog for them to feed into.  I thought it would be best to have them as a personal page of focus, set away from the website and news blog.  Also, there's my 365 Project which is winding down to end on Nov. 20.   The book of those photos is coming along great.  So... if you want an awesome holiday present from me, this year it's gonna be the 365 book!  Let me know. LINKS- 365 on & Instagrams on

I got a great write up on!!!

By Corrine Guirgis-
Invisible Intruder Photography
Stewart Isbell Shoots Quiet Creepier Presences In The Night Sky.
There is an eerie truth to the incredibly captivating photographs of Stewart Isbell, who captures invisible presences in the night sky. While many photos use imagery to capture other senses such as taste, touch and even sound, ‘Then Quietly They Came’ is a series that convincingly taps into a sixth sense in its subjects.
The photos move through the motions of a presence that exists in the shot despite its physical absence, created both through lighting and staging of his unusual subjects. Whether in an abandoned farm, on a dark city street or an eerie living space, the photos capture scenes straight out of a horror film that incite raw fear in their viewers. This incredible shoot will surely send shivers down your spine.
Implications - The most appealing photography tells a story that is filmlike in nature while still subjective enough to stretch the boundaries of its viewers' imagination.
(Here's the link to TrendHunter)

New Shot for series- Then Quietly They Came.

                                                                                                                       Featuring- Mike Heigl     

Wish you were here... featured on Design;Defined

A while back I posted some work on and it seems to have been picked up by a few different blogs lately.  The exposure is fun!
and also-

Promo Cards, Postcards and Stickers!

I got a new batch of promo cards, post cards, and Vinyl Stickers in the mail!

Between Both Shores Blog

I've been working on a blog for quite a while researching & collecting info on spots around the USA that I think would be interesting and fun photo locations a la Americana.  Everything from oddities, natural wonders, crazy events, beautiful scenes, roadside attractions etc.  Have a look if you care.-

Image in new issue of Resource Magazine

Joao & I took turns shooting photos of each other for the winter issue of Resource Magazine. 
Thanks Aurelie and Joao!

New website is finally finished! Version 3.0!!!

New Website (Ver 3.0) is finally up and running!!!
Check it out!

Hitting the slopes in Vermont

I had some time off with the family and we headed up to Vermont to do some snowboarding.  
As always I had to bring my camera along to get a few shots.
First fall.  Off in a ditch.
Second fall.  On my face.

Working from an RV today in Midtown

New books! Snapshot Squared Project.

Scott in the ruins